Nano Primer and Quiz

This primer is designed to give visitors who are new to nanotechnology, nanoscience & nanoengineering, the basic details and background information they may need to further understand the subject.

However, it might also be useful for current students and researchers to refresh their memory about the topic.

Authored by HNF's Gary L. Harris and James A. Griffin, numerous additional resources and references are included.

This primer is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader to view it. Click the header button or this link --> Nano Primer .

So, how well do you know the world of Nano? Take this short quiz and see if you can answer ten questions about the basics of nanoscience.

It might be helpful read the Nano Primer and to review our glossary of nanoscience terms.

But It's not hard, it's free, and it's stimulating! You will receive your score at the end of the quiz. And you can take this quiz as many times as you like.

Use the header button or this link --> Take the Quiz .

Need the primer and quiz as a print handout? Get it here --> Print Handout (Adobe pdf format)
(Quiz answers are on last page of the primer).

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